Comment Guard Pro Beta 0.3 Released

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Thursday, February 22, 2007

Comment Guard 0.3 Beta is a bug fix release. Very occassionally the plugin would request a valid commenter to submit his comment again. We have fixed the issue. We will soon ship it to all of our beta-testers. Please update your blog with the latest version and let me know how it goes.

So far we are still having 100% success rate in catching automated and semi-automated spam (robot spam) and with zero false positives after 15 days of testing with the 0.3 version in all our blogs.

Our goal is simple. Spammers try to spam hundreds of thousands of blog with little effort and cost to them by using automated spam bots. We aim to stop 100% of those efforts in blogs using this plugin. If they really want to spam your blog they will have to manually visit your blog and submit a comment. And then there are additional filters to stop most of them. You can write them too, it is so simple.

Overall human spam is less than 0.0001 (1 in ten thousand) of the spams we received in this blog for a period of over 35 days. We stop the remaining 99.9999 % + some of the human spam too. However as you can see they are simply insignificant in the big picture for even a moderately sized blog.

In our experience with several anti-spam plugin the biggest problem we faced (even today I marked 2 comments as non-spam which were erroneously flagged as spam by Akismet) was that of false positives. Comment Guard Pro is designed to prevent false positives.


May 19, 2007: 1:24 pm


I would like to try and test Comment Guard Pro if you are always looking for beta-testers.

Please let me know your conditions


Patrick Ribet

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