How to Take Ownership of a File/Folder in Windows 7

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Thursday, November 12, 2009

windows-7-logo3Windows 7 like its predecessor Vista comes with high security features. We had already discussed how to take the ownership of file in Windows Vista. In order to edit or replace a system file or folders in Windows 7 you would require ownership of the file. Well, there are a number of ways to take ownership of a file in Windows 7. However,¬† all the manual methods eats up a chunk of your valuable time. You gotta look for the easiest and shortest way to take ownership of a file. There’s a simple registry hack that’ll allow you to take the ownership of file in the shortest way. How about accessing the Take ownership option with just a right click and acquire the ownership of any file in a jiffy.

This method requires you to merge a registry file with Windows Registry to get an option Take Ownership in the context menu (Right click menu).

Here are the steps that will make it easy for you to take ownership of a file in Windows 7.

Step 1:

To begin with download the file

Step 2:

Extract the RAR file on your system. Look for the file named Ownership.reg.
In order to see the file extension .reg enable it in the Folder Options

Step 3:

Right click the Ownership.reg file and choose the Merge file option


Step 4:

As the User Account Prompt (UAC) appears click Yes. Again, then click Yes for the Registry Editor pop up.


Step 5:

Click Ok


Step 6:

Now when you right click on a file or folder you will see a new option named Take Ownership.


Form now on right click on folder/file for which you wanna take ownership and select Take Ownership option, that all you are done.


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