NetFlix Plans To Go The Facebook Way

By Shaon, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Netflix Plans on total World or Facebook (same thing) domination as it would seem. Netflix the popular video streaming Service has not announced the planned integration with the Popular social media platform. However our sources tell us that the company is on the look out for “a founding member of the new Social Systems engineering team at Netflix”. The job is currently listed on their site.

Netflix’s flirtation with a pseudo social experiment “Friends” is all but abandoned it seems. Right now Facebook’s 550,000 users, seem to be their choice to spread the word. The position described is currently listed on the job board. the job is described as

to create a more social Netflix experience

The position on offer is a Facebook Engineer/Architect. This development should take the meteoric rise of the company even further. It has seen growth by almost triple in the past year alone. It has already infiltrated the entertainment options like the Sony PS3 in a big way but right now it seems that going social is going to be their mantra of success.

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