(WordPress) Translator Plugin Pro Version 5.2 Released

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Monday, July 21, 2008

WordPress Translator Plugin ProTranslator Plugin Pro (for WordPress blogs) provides automatic machine translation of blogs in 13+1 languages (many more will be added soon) - German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Dutch, Greek, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional and optionally Norwegian (note: we provide 32 languages with Translator Plugin Gold). We provide unlimited free updates and upgrades and 6 months of free support. The new features and fixes in version 5.2 (free upgrade for existing customers) are:

New Features

  1. Directory browsing of translator plugin directory has been disabled for better security.
  2. The ability to switch off translation statistics (from translator option page under Basic->Statistics->Disable Statistics section). You may gain some performance by switching off the statistics simply because it uses a database query to store the data. You can still use the Statistics widget to display your existing statistics. However it will not be updated if you decide to switch off stats. You can again switch it on any time.
  3. In Translator Plugin Pro 5.2 we added a new hook / callback facility to enable you to view and process the translated page before it is served to the end user. Please refer to developer guide to know how to use it. The importance of this hook cannot be understated.
    You can use the tgTranslatorPostFilterHook to edit / modify the content of the translated pages before it is served to the user. You can also take action based on the content or engine used to translate the page.
    This hook can be used to handle errors in translation or even catch and process new types of errors. The actions include 1. ability to send custom error pages, 2. re-direct to original pages (for example in case of error), 3. displaying custom error messages and more. Few use cases for this hook are:

    • Provide customized title, meta tags & descriptions for translated pages. Check out the translated pages in simple thoughts for some usage examples (hint: look at the meta tags).
    • Provide custom error pages or re-direct to original page when translator is unable to translate a page (due to overload or temporary unavailability of engines).
    • Filter translated pages
    • Add your own content to translated pages like advertisements etc. You can also do it using existing translator API. However this provides full control over processing translated pages before it is served to the end-user.

Defect Fixes

  1. Babelfish engine stopped working few days back due to a change in their code. This release fixes the issue so Babelfish engine is working fine again.
  2. Added handling of new temporary error conditions from different engines with a simple generic fix.
  3. Added handling of “connection timed out” error from Babelfish as it is not handled above.
  4. Some of you had problems extracting the zip file we email to you and make available from our download site. So we have now included the plugin in both zip file and tar file format. If you have problems opening the zip file then use the tar file and vice versa.
    Note: The only difference between these archives is just the format. The content is identical in both the archives.
  5. GMail (sometimes) and few email systems do not like Javascript files enclosed within zip files and were removing the attachments. This update fixes the issue by removing dependency on external Javascript file.
  6. The documentation links have been updated to point to the updated documentation on our corporate site.
  7. We have stopped using PHP sessions at the request of some customers. This doesn’t impact the functionality in any way, maybe it will make the plugin a bit faster.

We intend to make the upgrade available to our existing customers within 2 business days. Please let us know if you haven’t received your upgrade by Wednesday (July 23nd 2008).

October 15, 2008: 5:48 am

Very informative. Thanks for sharing the info!

Raj Malhotra
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July 22, 2008: 10:39 am

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