10 Free Ruby, Ruby on Rails and Grails e-books

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Friday, December 12, 2008

Ruby needs no special introduction in the world of object oriented programming. With the slow decline of Java over the years, Ruby has caught the eyes with its  dynamic and reflective programming paradigms.

Ruby on Rails is an extension based on Ruby itself. It is an open source web application framework based on Ruby programming language which is often utilized by web developers for its suitability.

Grails, previously known as Groovy on Rails is an open source web application framework which leverages the Groovy programming language (based on the Java platform).

Now that we have an introductory idea about these three languages, let me provide you with some more sources. Here are 10 best free e-books which will help you understand and implement Ruby, Ruby on Rails and Grails better.

1. Ruby & Ruby on Rails Tutorial

This tutorial has a very nice Q/A type format which is easy to understand and touches all the points to give you a preliminary idea about Ruby on Rails (RoR). There is also a bonus chapter to make small application with Ruby.

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2. Ruby Programming

This one is from Wikibooks and mainly concentrates upon Ruby programming language and different parameters and modules within it..

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3. Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented Design Patterns in Ruby

This book is written by Bruno R. Preiss. The book mainly focuses on the data structures and various algorithms inside Ruby rather than being yet another beginner’s guide. If you want to know what goes inside Ruby, this is perhaps you should choose.

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4. Mr. Neighborly’s Humble Little Ruby Book

This is another book on Ruby which is good for them who want to have an overview of every part of Ruby. Not much of a technical fuss.

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5. Getting Started with Grails

This is a wonderful book on Grails. It covers almost every aspect of Grails though I am not too sure about the depth of programming lessons in here. But the language is not that conventional and that is what never makes it a boring read.

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6. Ruby on Rails Security Project

So if you have enough information about Ruby on Rails, now is the time to know about security aspects of if. And there is no better freebook than this.

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7. Why’s (poignant) Guide to Ruby

The best thing I liked about this is its interface. Very cool site and the language is as light as can be possible under the serious scope of a language like Ruby. Nevertheless, the book is very good and take a look at it.

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8. Ruby Documentation

This book has a very clean and easily categorized interface. A nice guide.

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9. Ruby Standard Library Documentation

This one is to know Ruby better. It has all the package, class and modules explained. The Ruby Library has Ruby documentation too.

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10. Ruby Core

So, do you have enough documentation of Ruby and now want to participate? Here is a chance to learn more about Ruby and be interactive too.



That’s it for now. Hope you will enjoy reading these books. Do not forget to give us your feedback. You can read more about Ruby from here


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Hi Angshuman can u plz tell me abt the entire syllabus of ruby on rails which is required by a proffesional to learn and how can i expertise on ruby on rails?????

Plz tell me abt its syllabus its really nessecary……..plz tell me from where i can download free ebooks on ruby on rails….

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