Bing Woos the Advertisers Better Than Google

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Thursday, June 11, 2009

microsoft-bingFollowing the massive ad campaign, prompt measures on porn search and more, Bing has turned out to be a real craze. With the rage over Bing surging its become a real search engine that might put Google to trial in future. The performance-gap between Google and Bing seems to narrow down. Now its time to lure the advertisers . For the advertisers and businesses online Bing would be offering an important online constituent. An user research specialist delved into Bings online potential with a new system for eyeballs. Take a look at the facts and findings, comparing Google and Bing.

Google Vs Bing: A Comparative Study

According to User Centric, global user experience research firm, sponsored links attracted a greater amount of users’ attention in search results returned in Bing than in Google. Where Bing shows a 42 percent links, Google lagged behind at 25 percent per search.

Bing also attracted the much more attention in related searches than Google. Bing scored a 31 percent against Google’s 5 percent. Visibly, Bing offers the related searches on the left-hand side whereas Goolge shows the related search results at the bottom of a page.

By tracking the users’ eyeballs round web pages in its labs, User Centric arrived  at a conclusion. The eye-tracking generated color-coded heat maps on the screen. The most intensely viewed areas are shown as red. The red areas were intensely watched by the individuals for 4.5 seconds or longer.


The eye-tracking uses the infrared to accurately and unobtrusively capture eye movements. User Centric had also applied the technique to the design of other websites.

The results of the finding suggests two crucial things - Bing’s vertical search and Bing-optimized categories. These combine to offer the  interface for Bing’s search results on the screen.

In the other areas there are little things to differentiate between Bing and Google. There was no difference in the amount of attention visitors paid to the organic search results.  The sponsored links at the top of the page above the search results attracted high levels of attention. Ninety per cent looked in this area.

This could be a revealing breakthrough for Microsoft, as it had designed the platform for business motive. For long, the platform was Windows served as the platform and the business in question was ISV and SI partners building applications on top of it. The limelight shifted to Silverlight and Virtual Earth. This time the software major has decided to concentrate on search and attract online advertiser and businesses.

What the bottomline reads is that its different job to construct something for advertisers and set one’s cap for users.

June 13, 2009: 12:22 am

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