Cloud Computing is Going to Double in UK by 2012

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, April 27, 2010

cloud According the latest research, cloud computing will be doubled in 2012 because more consumers and business will subscribe web based service like Google apps. It further said that cloud based computing accounts 7.5% of the £8 billion software market in USA.  Another research firm TechMarketView projects that investment in cloud computing is going to be £1.2 billion per year in the UK by 2012. Using cloud computing, the users do not have to depend on powerful desktop computing. They can avail cloud services from cloud computing companies.

Some analysts think that cloud computing is a big hype. They can no way replace the desktop computing, but, it can complement desktop computers. Analyst Laurent Lachal at rival research firm Ovum said that the share of cloud computing market is very small. So, even if it doubles in the next couple of years, that is not going to be so significant. Lachal also adds on that he is not ruling out cloud computing totally, but, it can be considered an add on software.

“It’s becoming a hybrid system - for example you create your work on software on your PC, and then you save it and share it through the cloud.”

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