How Cloud Computing Can Evolve in 2010?

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Monday, January 11, 2010

cloud-computing-11  Cloud computing is going to come in a bigger way in 2010 because network managers will try to cut down cost manpower, hardware, and software resources in-house by adopting cloud computing. As the enterprise networks and data centers are going to increase their dependencies on third party cloud computing and Saas, so that the application will become more enterprise ready and mature in 2010. As per Gartner, SaaS demand is going to boost to a total of more than $14 billion by 2013. The following section shows what to expect in cloud computing in 2010.

  • Amazon, Google, CA, Microsoft and IBM already announced their cloud computing venture. Enterprises will expect more from these big houses in terms of cloud computing as well as VMWare, Citrix, Sun, HP, Cisco, Symantec, Yahoo.
  • Most of the major IDEs will offer service for cloud computing. Developers use a visual, drag and drop studio to create full business applications in a browser without installing any software on their desktop. Using the cloud IDE, anybody will be able to quickly and easily create and deploy web applications on-site or to the cloud.
  • Cloud developer community will move into open source quickly. The new community will build more application on the cloud and that is going to disrupt on premise development. The combination of both are going to form new types of cloud developers.
  • We have seen enough Saas based cloud computing for the end users during this year. More and more Paas platforms for cloud are going to be available from big enterprises. The Paas providers will provide hardware, operating system, software upgrades, security in relation with the day to day hosting of an application.
  • More big houses are going to offer cloud based middleware so that organizations can integrate services, applications and content available on the cloud. This allows building of web applications by integration of already existing applications, services or data easily in contrast to conventional middleware.
  • Mobile cloud and Saas are expected to rise further in the year of 2010 and that will enable developers to upload and share data and collaborate in real time on a shared file. Now a days , the problem is that developers are unable to develop mobile application that will work for all mobile operating system like iPhone, Blackberry etc. However, developers will be using a single Web standard for writing applications that can work on multiple operating systems.
  • As per Rob Enderle, president and principal analyst for the Enderle Group, more and more enterprises will rely on the cloud and SaaS for applications due to various issues like Data-Processing overloads, congested network and lack of manpower. As a result, the biggest trend in 2010 is likely be an increasing focus to use leased servers on the cloud.
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