Zoho CRM Software: Review

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, April 8, 2009

zoho-crmThere are several small-sized businesses looking for affordable and effective CRM solutions. I had already reviewed the Salesfore.com and SugarCRM for the small and mid sized business and now I decided to go with an lowly priced CRM software for business with limited budget. I came up with Zoho CRM that seems an effective Customer Relationship Management solution for companies on budget. It is on the cheaper end when compared to most other CRM solutions. It offers end-to-end solutions from marketing activities to post-sales customer support and more.  Zoho CRM helps in managing sales leads, accounts, campaign, forecasts and business activities. Zoho is features all basic CRM functions including campaigns, leads, reports and dashboards and manage inventory. The most convenient thing about Zoho CRM is that you create an account with email address and password and get started. Let’s take a look into Zoho CRM’s features. 




This can be the best CRM for first time users. The interface is quite simple and intuitive. Further, there’s a Getting Started video to help out. The tabs at the top of the screen and the links offers access to different parts of the program.

Set up

The set up is hassle free. To begin with you need to import the contacts. It’s easy to import contracts from different application like value (.csv), Excel (.xls) or vCard (.vcf) format.


There are few required fields and several non-required fields to keep track of as many details as possible. The unimportant fields can be disabled from the settings.

Tracking the leads

One of the core activities of a CRM software is tracking and managing the sales leads. the Zoho CRM offers a leads tab that makes it easy to review and update active leads. Even after creating a new lead you may return to that particular lead and update the pages information such as attachments, products and activity tracking. The user can also send mail directly from the application. Record of the sent email is automatically added to the lead page.

This CRM software can also handle multiple leads by aggregating the information in one place for easy management. When the lead turns to sale it is automatically removed from the leads list and an account detail is created.

Reports and Dashboard

Most of the reports and the dashboard can be customized and settings for the tabs can be easily changed.

Web features

Most of the CRM contains lots of irrelevant features that the web workers don’t use. Zoho seems to be a good option with web workers. It’s simple to learn and use, and is available for free for up to three users.


Out of the box sfa, campaign management, lead generation, pipeline analysis, sales forecasting, sales quotas, help desk, customer support, etc

Customer support

Zoho CRm offers tools to manage customer trouble tickets. The wiki-based Help section includes several common questions concerning the customers.


The flexibility is always an added advantage for Zoho, especially the tab, field and customizations are pretty cool.

  • It’s integration with web forms is always a plus
  • It offers effective workflows with instant alerts and messages
  • The management of lead assignments is admirable
  • The price is always affordable


  • It encloses a large number of unimportant fields.
  • There is no explanation of the security features.


Salesforce.com without the large price tag can be a rival.


Overall Zoho CRM  can be a solid package for the small sized companies. If you have something more exciting that lacking in my review, let me know.

May 27, 2010: 7:39 pm

I am looking at using Zoho for my web design business. I think that as a basic CRM it should be sufficient. Plus you can get it to integrate with google apps!

April 5, 2010: 1:24 am

I have used SugarCRM. But i didn’t not about ZohoCRM before. I have got nice information about ZohoCRM from this blog. Thanks for sharing this post.

Don Thomson
March 8, 2010: 1:00 pm

I have designed a set of sales criteria. Can I insert these inside the ZOHO CRM?


February 16, 2010: 12:45 pm

So far Zoho has been working. I am not as happy to find that there are some features that would discourge users.

In a different product there were “call” features - that would allow a phone call to be made and forward all of the information and setup a “time” feature - with a note. This software uses “events” - they are not as easy or straightforward to be of much use. I would love to see that and either BB or iPhone support.

December 20, 2009: 4:02 am

ZOHO CRM is good Customer Relationship Management, easy to use. But i have noticed that Zoho CRM lacks support for inbound e-mail, which means that marketing campaigns will be an intensively manual process. Ok, there is an Outlook plug-in for manually pulling e-mails into the system, but this is more kludge than well-integrated solution.

April 8, 2009: 9:00 pm

Dear Parthodeep,

Thank you for taking time to review our CRM service.

We are providing Role-based security functionality for controlling the organization-wide data sharing. As part of the role-based security, we are offering organization hierarchy, profiles for setting up permissions to features, data sharing rules, and field-level security. For more details please refer our online Wiki at:

Down the road, we will try to remove some of the advanced fields from all the modules for first time user.


April 8, 2009: 6:11 pm

If you would like a tool to manage your small business activities and Projects, you can use this web aplication:


You can use it to manage and prioritize your Goals (for business but also in other areas of your life), Projects and Tasks. It has a Checklists section, for the routines and repetitive activities that any business has to do. Also, it features a Schedules section and a Calendar, for scheduling you time and activities.

Features from GTD are also present, like Contexts and Next Actions.

And it’s available on the mobile phone too, so you can access it from anywhere.

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