I had several reports from users that the site is inaccessible from certain ISP's including but not limited to CableVision. I did everything to figure out what went wrong without much success. Yesterday and today Jan Dembowski kindly helped me to get a handle on the problem.
I never thought I would see an iPhone smoothie. Ah well, never say never again. Watch the video to find out what happens when you put iPhone in a blender. Will it make a good smoothie or not? Continue after the break for more interesting uses of iPhone.
After we complete an outsourcing effort for a F 500 and wrap up dispatching all the upgrades for Translator 5.0, we will collectively go for a period of "working vacation" lasting about 2 months or so. What is a "working vacation"?
PleoSun Microsystems announced today that its hardware will power the largest supercomputer ever built, with 62,976 CPU cores, 125 terabytes of memory, 1.7 petabytes of disk space, and 504 teraflops of performance.
Seagate announced availability of Terabyte disk drives at 7200 rpm; separate models targeted for enterprise and consumer desktops. The enterprise drives features serial attached SCSI interface option. Last week Samsung announced terabyte disk drives. A brief overview of the offerings and key differentiators.
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