Microsoft Windows 7 Touchpack Application Guide

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Friday, May 29, 2009

windows7_touchFew of you are aware of the Windows Touch,  the multi-touch capabilities in-built into the DNA of Windows 7. The Windows 7 developers team have long been trying to develop a natural user interface for several products. The first one to be introduced was the multi-touch in Surface. Further, the Windows and Surface development teams have worked in close collaboration to develop multi-touch in Windows. Last year they provided demos of a few applications that were created to run on Windows 7. With so much on offer, you must be interested to explore Windows Touch to be introduced in the Touch Pack for Windows 7. Here is everything that you will be interested in.

The Touch Pack for Windows 7 includes six multi-touch optimized applications and games. These are meant to exhibit the features of Windows Touch in Windows 7.  There are three casual games and three surface applications. Let’s take a look at the Windows Touch applications that provides you a new way to interact with your PC.

Surface Collage

With this app you can take your  coveted digital photos, arrange and resize them with your fingertips. Get the photos resized and arrange them in the order to create your collage. Now you can set it as your desktop background. You can make an entire series of background and cycle for your desktop slide show.

Surface Globe


This touchy app allows you to grab the whole world within your fingers. It allows a 3D view of the world using the Virtual Earth 3D engine. With the multi-touch you can navigate to different regions of the world. Further you can seek local information and pin your favorite spots. For more you can fly over the 3D models of building in some cities.

Microsoft Blackboard

Don’t get confused with the name, it is a puzzle game in physics created through a nifty machine on a virtual blackboard. With the helps of gestures you can rotate and resize gears, fans and seesaws. For more, try moving balloons and balls towards the light bulbs and victory.

Surface Lagoon

This is essentially a screensaver that you can interact using the multi-touch. It also recreates the natural environment with water and schooling fish. It’s amazing to run your fingers through water and hold the finger down and watch the fish gathered around.

Microsoft Garden Pond

With this application you can try your creativity with the origami in the still areas of the pond or direct them with gestures to complete goals. These have been set for you. These are making ripples in the water. The origami can be used to make the ripples in water.

Microsoft Rebound

In this app you get to use fingers to propel a ball and annihilate your opponent. This is a great game that you can play with computer or challenge a friend. Fight it out in the electricity court to be the champ.


To use Touch Pack you need to use Windows 7 PC that supports multi-touch. The Touch Pack for Windows 7 would be available to the OEMs who would get the options for pre-installing some, none or all the applications in the Pack for the touch PCs that are expected to arrive around the time Windows 7 is launched.

The Touch Pack is a revolutionary product the could take Windows 7 to the next level. We will have to wait and see how stable it remains with time.

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