Top 7 newest Android Apps

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Friday, August 7, 2009

android-appiPhone is marked by the numerous apps available in it’s App store. Coming from behind, Google’s Android phones seems to pose a serious challenge to the Apple smartphone. Especially, after the opening of Android Market feature some top-notch apps, it’s enjoying a similar status like its rival. Google in its Android Dev blog stressed out on the fact that it has introduced a market and not a store (like Apple) that’s all free and open. Within a few months the Android Market has been flodded with apps. We took the tough task to sort out the top 7 newest apps for Andriod.

1. Sherpa


This is a location based Android app fast gaining popularity. Sherpa keeps an eye on your favorite locations and starts to aggregate them. The more you use the app, the apps improves the more, fetching location information that’s unique for you.

2. Pocket Journey

When you are hunting for a location this could be perfect aid. This Android App is essentially a mobile social exchange that allows you to connect to a world of location-specific knowledge, providing quick information about everything on that spot.
It features high quality, topic-specific, multimedia geoclips sorted out from the most professional tour guides and storytellers worldwide. Essentially, geoclips are short and timeless category specific text, audio and video clips providing top most knowledge about a specific location.

GeoGuides provided on the app can rapidly publish, package and promote their geoclips and tour with the metrics and analytics. It provides visibility into their tours exposure, download, reviews and traveler feedback.


2. IMEasy

If you are the one who loves instant messaging from mobile phones this Android could be you pick. IMEasy offers a great mobile chatting experience with its handwriting input, video chat, map marking, graffiti and multi-share. For chat you can use the handwriting; for showing travel plans to your friend use the map feature; and for chat face-to-face use the video. For more you can draw paintings or share pictures with friends.


3. Marvin Reloaded

This Google Android App has been designed to offer free access to a assortment of location based services in one client such as Buddy and Family Finder(MyLocation), Cars locator (MyCar), Geo Blogging(MyLog), Job search(MyJob), RealEstate(MyHouse) and Friends seeker(MyHeart).


4. myPocketProf

It’s a handy app for any and every student. This is a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) that allows you to take online courses and exam papers. Further, synchronize and store all your study notes in a methodical order to be viewed on your mobile phone. It copies your study notes to your free myPocketProf account using the hierarchy that suits you. You might view your notes on mobile phone and even share them with others.


5. Compare Everywhere

This free app for Android has been designed to change the way you shop forever. Compare Everywhere scans the barcode and searches a dozens of online and local stores instantly. Well, you also get the sales price to judge whether the product is worth a buy. What’s more you can read product reviews, listen to the music and watch movie trailer with a single tap. Still more you can quickly build a shopping list or even a wish list, and share it with the friends.


7. Ecorio

Ecorio runs in the background and tracks the carbon output of your day’s journeys. Once it learns your habits it can then suggest alternatives for public trans or carpooling.


January 20, 2010: 2:01 pm

Here’s a new app that does a few things no other apps do: QwikList Voice. Create lists you can store/email/SMS using voice to text from your home screen. AND Quick Add to Google Calendar (”meet mary this friday for dinner at 9p”).

August 7, 2009: 8:02 pm

Nice post! I can’t wait for the HTC Hero to hit the US..It’s a pity it (probably) won’t be on Verizon Wireless..Not sure how I’m going to get it.

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