Verizon Wireless says 4G high speed coming first to Northeast Corridor, Calif., Chicago, Miami

By Peter Svensson, AP
Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Verizon says 4G high speed coming to Northeast

NEW YORK — Verizon Wireless says its new wireless broadband network, which offers higher data speeds initially for laptop users, will be live before the end of the year in the cities on the Boston-to-Washington stretch as well as California, Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Seattle and others.

In all, Verizon aims to cover a third of the country’s population with its so-called fourth generation, or 4G, network before the end of the year.

The target market for the 4G service is initially business users who need Internet connections on the go. Verizon says phones that can take advantage of the higher speeds will come next year.

Sprint Nextel Corp. already has a 4G network run by its Clearwire Corp. subsidiary, but it uses technology that’s incompatible with Verizon’s.

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