Google Proxy Unhacked

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Monday, January 21, 2008

Google had a well known proxy facility. You could use
an url like|en&u= to access using Google as proxy. Unfortunately that doesn’t work anymore. Google comes back with a message - “Translation from English into English is not supported.”. Everything is not lost yet, there is still a way though not as pretty.

You can access this blog, for example, from your mobile or from your web browser using this url:

The result is plain jane but usable. It can be used in countries with access restriction to certain sites as well as from universities with access to content.

April 11, 2009: 7:25 pm

Translation from English into English is not supported.

January 10, 2009: 12:13 pm

Its not that cool though, I noticed that its revealing the surfers ip address.

Try to the following:

1. Visit to see what ip address you have without using google translation.
2. And later visit to see what ip it shows.

Google translation is not hiding your ip if the same ip is returned by both the URLs, in my case its returning the same ip that means its not effectively proxving sites for me.


March 4, 2008: 5:25 am

That’s a cool idea :)

March 4, 2008: 4:22 am

you can still proxy with it ^^ you lose any japanese content though (put a different language if you are japanese)
only fails if you have a page with all the languages in the world.|en&u=

will not be displayed