Microsoft Office 2010 Hacks & Tricks

By soumitra, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Re: Office 2010
Microsoft Office has been the center of attraction to many hackers and malware creators. They try to find a weakness in the code or a loophole in the wall to get the malicious code running on the end user computer. Microsoft Office has been one of the favorite playgrounds for the hackers but now, the new MS Office comes with three different security layers such as Enhanced File Blocking, Binary file validation system and Protected View mode in Sandbox. These security layers are very efficient to get rid of the hacks and malware threats that have been pain on the older Microsoft Office 2007. But still we managed to get some hacks and tricks that you can do on the new Microsoft Office 2010.

Hacking into password protected Office files

The microsoft Office files such as word files, excel files or access files can be password protected. But if you forget the password of the file, it seems that those files are lost forever. This is the time when some hacking is needed to get you out of trouble. If you know almost nothing about hacking, you can still open the file by using some softwares. A good example of that is the Office Passoword remover. It allows to hack the password procted files and return the same without the password protection. The software is very fast and it can remove the password within minutes. The software costs about $9.95 only.

We will get you informed about more hacks and tricks as we get to know about them.

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