Bing faced charges of projecting Pornographic videos, takes action immediately (Screenshots included)

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Thursday, June 4, 2009

bing_microsoftCritics are all praises for Microsoft search engine Bing’s cool video features. No denying, Bing’s videos search is sleek, has a streamlined interface, and offers more refined search results. With all this, Bing suffered from a security issue, that descends it one step down from its biggest search engine competitor, Google. Microsoft’s Bing allows children and employees to view porn and inappropriate videos without ever having to leave the search engine site. But very unlike Microsoft, as soon as it was addressed, it seems Microsoft has rectified the problem strictly. Way to go Microsoft.

Bing offers listed keyword search results for pornographic sites along with related thumbnail videos. When you hover the mouse over thumbnails, shows around 30 seconds of video footage.

The perilous part of the feature is that it will allow the children and employees to view the pornographic sites without having to visit the site. This could be a concern for parents and employers, as the users won’t need to move out Bing to watch pornography.

According to the security experts, although upgraded video features in Bing are attractive, but challenges represent a “subtle but huge difference” between Bing and other search engines.

On the search site you might come across 20 to 30 thumbnails of pornographic sites with the video played right in the browser. Any interested user will be able to view the obscene videos without going to the host URL. It’s a security challenge when people can watch inappropriate material from a search site.

Now Bing might stand against this issue with its age verification tool that is meant to inhibit underage users from accessing inappropriate sites. However, the security check can be easily breached by the youngsters. Moreover, it has no relevance for the employees in a work environment.

Edit at 18:OO hrs IST (Thursday)

Now as we search for the sexually contents in Bing video, we don’t get to see such things. Let me put up the screen-shot.


When we did this in the morning, Bing was resulting in with disturbing contents, but now as we see, a search with 'sex' returns that message!

I searched it again with a pornographic video site, but it results in only <b>youtube</b> or legitimate video sites. Good job!

I searched it again with a pornographic video site, but it results in only youtube or legitimate video sites. Good job!

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