Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software: Review

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Thursday, April 2, 2009

<b>crm</b>-solutions-microsoft-dynamicsMicrosoft indubitably dominates the PC world. still. I see a large number of small and mid size business working with MS business tools. For CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Microsoft offers a Dynamics CRM software which I mentioned in my Top 10 CRM software. Although Microsoft Dynamics CRM is relatively new to the CRM market, but it has made a significant progress in the CRM market. Microsoft Dynamics has been designed to fillip the sales, satisfaction and service with automated CRM. It allows full integration with Microsoft Office and the Outlook email tool. Let’s take a pick on the spectrum of features offered by Microsoft Dynamics.

Key Features


It offers two options for deployment - on demand and on premise, which seems to be designed to cope up with dynamical business environment.

The on-demand deployment would be a great option for those considering affordability, and more streamlined way of implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. The on-premise option comes with unlimited customization and integration and can be an advantage for those with a Microsoft infrastructure.

Sales Automation


This offers good support for sales with embedded Microsoft Office capabilities. The sales reports can be created by any user and not just the administrator. The sales representatives can create their individual customer Quick Campaigns using this dynamic CRM.

As the sales reports can be individualized the managers and sales reps can access different set of data. The manager can view the statistics of entire sales force, but reps can only view a part of it that’s important to them. the leads and tasks can be assigned automatically from a single system that captures and tracks all the data. The intuitive dashboards helps to keep track of the key performance indicator.


Delving into the marketing feature reveals that this dynamic CRM software assists in simplifying the execution of campaign. The Mail Merge functionality allows instant communication with a large group. It’s eassy to set up the product catalogs, price lists and discounts for lucrative offers. It optimizes, manages and tracks search-engine marketing efforts.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers mobility to create campaigns with any mobile Web enabled device remotely. The marketing analytics is highlighted through the key performance indicators.

Customer Service

Microsoft CRM  provides a broader view of the customer base. The CRM has an intuitive user interface to make things easier for the agents. It helps to create a distributed knowledge base that helps to share staff expertise. It enables the agents to resolve customer related issues steadily.


Ease of use

Microsoft edges the other rivals when it comes to installation and ease of use. Microsoft is sure far less intricate than Siebel. This could save a lot of time for an administrator.

Flexibility and ease of use

When judging a CRM software flexibility of use is an important criteria. One of most agreeable features of Microsoft dynamic is its flexibility of use. A user can work with it within Microsoft Office Outlook, a Web browser, a Microsoft Office SharePoint portal, a custom portal, or even a mobile device. The customized workspaces that allow users to create, save, and reuse favorite views of customer data.


Microsoft Dynamics offers direct integration with MS Office applications. Dynamics allow the users to use customer data in Word and Excel.


Microsoft lacks some of the standard features. It doesn’t feature a power dialing. There are no voice messaging facilities that would allow the agents to record a sales message and make a call back to customer.


When you are looking for a feasible CRM, it’s important to draw comparison with other products.  If you consider the mid-market you can see that Oracle Siebel and SAP are moving down in the market, and Microsoft is busy with efforts to extend the customer base. Siebel’s scores high when it comes to functionally rich CRM applications and first rate interface.


Microsoft dynamic CRM seems to have bright prospect with the mid marker companies, but it is far from being a market leader.
It needs to mature with its functionality. Microsoft should include more effective business-to-business (B2B) marketing and sales features.  Let me know if you have something more to share on Microsoft dynamic CRM

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