Microsoft’s Paids Release Click Up by 8% Within a Week of Bing’

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Friday, June 12, 2009

bing1We had highlighted Bing’s power to woo-the-advertisers in our previous article. Things are heading according to the augury. Within a week of its launch, the number of times people click on the ads listed next to Microsoft search results hiked by 8%. If the trend continues, advertisers would allocate additional budget to Microsoft over the coming months, as speculated by Efficient Frontier Inc, which places advertisers text ads on top search engines.

According to a blog post on Efficient Frontiers website, the number of searches conducted on Microsoft jumped 20% from the previous week after the launch of Bing. There are two sides to the fact, either its a traffic generated due to visitors cramping to get a glimpse of Microsoft’s Google killer Bing or existing Microsoft search users coming up with volumes of queries. Well, its interesting to see that Efficient Frontier offers no market share data.

Efficient Frontier provided no clear idea whether Microsoft’s gain in paid clicks came at the expense of other rival search engines, or users simply clicked on a greater number of ads while they visited the new search engine. The search engine marketing firm is not sure whether the there would be a sustained increase in the Microsoft’s paid clicks.

Efficient Frontier’s blog post avers that Microsoft’s new search engine has captured the attention of Internet users and advertisers, at least temporarily.

Earlier this week market research group comScore Inc. revealed that Bing was had a good start that filliped Microsoft’s US market share to 11% from 9.1%. Bing’s success was at the expense of Google and Yahoo.

Bing is Microsoft’s key product generated to increase its revenue by encroaching a greater share of Internet advertising market. The Redmond software group’s U.S. Internet search market had stagnated at less than 10 for long. Microsoft arch rival in search market Google enjoys about 64% share of Internet advertising market.

We had already indicated in our blog, Microsoft’s Bing may be allowing consumers to find more relevant results easily. With Bing wooing the advertisers we can keep our fingers crossed until search-engine-ace Google makes its mark.

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