On Line Rivalry Led 15 Year Old to Stab his Classmates

By Dipankar Das, Gaea News Network
Sunday, March 28, 2010

<b>facebook</b>-virus A 16 year old high school student can land up in Laguna Beach jail for a Facebook row with his ex classmates. Michael Jason Wilson stabbed his ex classmate, 17 yr old Julian C at his stomach and hit two of Julian’s friend with a knife.

Julian C., drove to the house of Wilson with two 16-year-old (Nicholas L. and Sam S.) and a fourth friend. Wilson had previously attended the same high school as the four visitors.While three friends waited in the car, Wilson went to see Julian C. outside the house and a fight broke out, according to the OCDA,(Orange County District Attorney’s Office). Wilson pulled out a carving knife with a 12-inch blade and stabbed Julian C. in the stomach.The other two friends went out of the car to help their injured friend and disarm Wilson. However, Wilson slashed the hands and arms of Nicholas L. and Sam S. during the fight. The fourth friend was not physically injured.

The fourth boy got back to his car and drove off. He signaled a police officer who got the injured to hospital. The three of them need surgery. The fourth person was released after receiving stitches. Wilson was arrested at his home with three felony charges of aggravated assault. Although, Wilson is out of the prison with $65,000 bail, he can land up 15 yrs jail term in the adult state prison if convicted.

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