Toilet Disposable Cellphone

By Angsuman Chakraborty, Gaea News Network
Friday, November 18, 2005

Helsinki’s sewerage problem with toilet-disposed cellphones gave me an idea. Why not design disposable, bio-degradable cellphones?

Imagine the great use cases:

You are very angry with your significant other / fiance or your boss. How better to show your anger and utter contempt than to flush your cellphone down the toilet while he/she is still speaking. Imagine the look on his face when his monologue is greeted by a flushing toilet.

So you are ready to shove the rejection-line to your current lover /girl|boy-friend. How can you convey it more sincerely than to let him / her be greeted with the music of a well-done flush? It convey with finality the message.

How calming an influence it can be on your nagging wife…

Flushing your cellphone is the ultimate real-life equivalent of >/dev/null. Steve Jobs are you listening?

But most of all I enjoy the non-flushable ones. I have disposed off mine and am enjoying a life of cellphone-less bliss - No SMS, no super-urgent calls…

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