Google Squared Review: Spreadsheet Based Search Tool

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Thursday, June 4, 2009

googleAlthough Bing doesn’t seem a potential threat to Google, people at Googleplex are not complacent enough to sit back and relax. Adding another weapon to their search engine armory, Google released its new search tool called Google Squared. The new search tool is an interesting piece that allows you to pull out information about a specific topic from around the web into a spreadsheet. Google had announced the Squared for the first time in May at Google’s Searchology event in May. Squared is designed to support different types of research. For instance, you’ll get some bang on results for searches like if you are looking to write a good paper on solar system for your school. Squared will offer you a chart describing all the planets and their behavior. Similarly if you wanna new dog, Squared will square up your search and allow you to find the breeds.  Google Squared is still in the Labs, and under testing. Not everything about Squared is perfect, it has some negatives along with the positives.

Have a look into some of the pros and cons of Google Squared


First let’s deal with the darker side of the search tool. Say you give a search term newspaper, which I am sure most of you might do to look for the best news providers. What irks is that you get a random collection of publications. To add to the misery, the information are simply inexplicable. Apart from the newspapers image and description Google Squared also came up with their Justice, Pakistan, and Games. Watch out! The Monitor’s game is Bionic Commando and the The Nation’s justice is Alien vs. Predator, lol. All you can do is thank Google and read the paper yourself,lol.



Squared seems great with more specific searches. Suppose you are looking for the novels of science fiction writer Philip K. Dick. Squared provides you the exact list of the novels, the only goof-up is that you get the movies intersecting the books. Of course you can excuse Google for making directors out of authors, lol. In a similar way you can get the precise newspaper result if you search with the name of the newspaper like The Sun newspaper.

Google allows you the facilities of adding rows and columns to the spreadsheet according to your requirement. For instance you have given a search for a newspaper and it doesn’t appear on the list. In that case, you can add the results as rows, and then save the results. Google attributes each of the facts to another source on the web, this helps to assure their reliability.

What we could make out of the first impression is that Google Squared seems great on concept, and user interface, but  inefficient with search results. If you have something to share on Squared drop in your comments.

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Nair Satheesh
August 20, 2009: 7:34 pm

Google Squared appears to be similar to my patent application:

Frankly, I am getting a Déjà vu effect while going through the “Google Squared” application because it appears to be very similar in function to my United States patent application which was filed on April 12, 2007 and as publicly disclosed by the United States Patent and Trademark Office on October 16, 2008, when the patent application was published.

My patent application is titled as “Method And System For Research Using Computer Based Simultaneous Comparison And Contrasting Of A Multiplicity Of Subjects Having Specific Attributes Within Specific Contexts” bearing Document Number “20080256023” and Inventor name “Nair Satheesh” which may be viewed at upon Patent Applications: Quick Search.

Google Squared appears to be using at least some if not many of the same methods and systems as set forth by me more than two years ago in my patent application. In fact there are many more methods and systems disclosed in my patent application which I believe will help resolve certain inaccuracies found in current Google Squared application.

I have issued legal notices to Google through my Patent Attorney in the US but Google has not responded yet to any of my notices.

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