apple-computer-logo Apple beat the earnings estimates just like last quarter. The company posted new record of $20.34 billion in revenue and $4.31 billion in profit. EPS is $4.64.  The company posted revenue of $12.21 billion with a profit of $2.53 billion ($2.77 EPS) about a year ago. Gross margin dropped to 36.9 percent which is down from 41.8 percent a year ago.
apple-iphone-india There is a great news for iPhone users. Phone Unlocking Ltd  just unveiled the latest iPhone unlock software for the latest ios 4.1 and previous 4.0.2. According to the press release, iPhone Unlocking Ltd is the provider of iPhone unlock solutions since the release of the iPhone 2G (June 2007) and it registered over a total of 1 million downloads since the initial launch. The company said that this unlock solution is the easiest, safest and the most reliable iPhone unlock software in the market.
index1 According to new data released by web analytics firm Quantcast, The Android operating system's share of total North American mobile web consumption increased 8.3 percent month-over-month in February to grow to 15.2 percent, while Apple's iPhone OS slipped 3.2 percent to 63.7 percent. Research In Motion's BlackBerry platform also rose 13.8 percent over January totals to provide service 9.2 percent of North American mobile web consumption. Rival operating systems covers the remaining 11.8 percent.
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