How to Add Location to Your Gmail Signature

By Partho, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, February 11, 2009

In this age of emails, something I still appreciate about postal mails is the sender’s address. The emails only carry the date and times but not the sender’s address. This is something the jetsetter, who are always on move, would try to avoid. It is same with me, I always find my friends mailing me - where are you? Simply, it’s not possible for me to write with each email where I am right now. Well, I work with Gmail. My instincts predicted my be the experimental Gmail Labs has a solution for this. Voila! I was right. I’ll let you know what you need to do.

It’s quite easy to add your address with your Signature, you just need to follow the two steps below

Step 1

Got to labs tab under settings and turn on the Location in Signature

Step 2

Go to signature preferences and check the box next to Append your location to the signature.

You are done. But let me tell you the address will be determined on the basis of your public IP address. So the address might not be accurate always.¬† Suppose you are in Gatwick Airport, the IP detection put you in Germany. To avoid this you would need a more accurate location detection. That’s only possible with Google’s Gears that supports the location module. Actually Gears uses the wi-fi access point signals to access the location.

To duck the address from your email you can delete the location from a specific email.

Next time you send an email it’ll carry your address.


June 29, 2009: 6:42 pm

i think that this has been disabled by google. i enabled it,it was there for a few tym and then its gone!

February 17, 2009: 10:56 am

Parthodeep, interesting pointer. I tried the steps and even got a prompt from Gears asking if I should allow Gmail to download my information.. but, my outgoing email still does not carry any signature. Does this feature only work with Wifi connections? What about home broadband users like me?

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