personal-privacy The Advocacy group welcomed the recent move by US Govt for web privacy with new laws and new watchdog. Obama administration is going to launch the new law in the forthcoming weeks. The previous govt emphasized on industry based self-regulation.  In the last summer, Facebook streamlined its security setting after criticism from US senators, the European Union and civil liberty groups. Google has also got flak from British govt for collection of user data via its Street View cars.
facebook When you log into Facebook, you can convince the world to identify you online. The Social Network also gives the privilege to the users to share photos and updates. This way the company tried to layer the identity over the social web. Microsoft and Yahoo used to be the big competitors for Google for a long time. But, the search giant beat both of them in search space battle. Now, the real war started between Google and Facebook for online Ad revenue generation. I guess that most of us recently sensed the severity of  fight between Google and Facebook  in terms of the network contact information.
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